R&F is a full-service consulting firm that provides a variety of services to lenders that include:

  • Standard Field Examinations*
  • Surveys
  • Recurring Field Examinations
  • Assisting Lender Examiners
  • Proprietary Template or Lender Template
  • Takeovers and Takedowns
  • Specialized or Limited Engagements
  • Forensic and Workout Engagements
  • Expert Testimony

*A field examination is an on-site detailed analysis and review of a potential or current borrower’s books and records for the lender. The ultimate goal of a field exam is to determine an estimated value of the collateral assets in a liquidation scenario and the potential collection value of the assets compared to the facility exposure of the lender. In most cases the collateral consists of receivables and inventory being used to secure the loan. The results will provide the approximate collateral value (excess or deficit based on the borrower’s A/R and inventory). The field exam also includes analysis in critical areas such as cash, accounts payable, payroll taxes, insurance, cash receipts and disbursements. The results of the field examination should provide the loan officer with up to date and valuable information necessary to manage his or her secured relationship with the borrower.


In addition to standard industry field examination services, R&F specializes in the following services:

  • Investment Grade Lending
  • Commodity & Energy
  • Energy Service Company (ESCo)
  • Taxi Medallion
  • Leasing/Lending reviews
  • Technology
  • Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)
  • Eximbank facilities
  • Floor Plan
  • Documentation and Compliance review
  • Credit Insurance Claims


R&F performs field examinations that can range from one field day to 40 man days. Our client base is very diverse in type and size, which expands our expertise even further. The following is a list of R&F’s client types:

  • Community, regional, commercial, foreign and money center banks
  • Large and small factor and finance companies
  • Hedge Fund and Private Equity firms
  • Leasing and Floor Plan Lenders
  • Credit Insurance Companies