Founded in 1996, R & F provides our clients with a broad range of due diligence and financial business services, with a particular focus on field examinations. Our diverse client portfolio has grown to include major banking corporations, middle market and asset-based lenders, finance companies, factors, private equity groups and hedge funds.

While we operate nationally and internationally, our principal concentration is regional, supported by offices located in Connecticut and New Jersey. This strong local presence offers decided cost-savings and service advantages to organizations located along the East Coast.

Our field examination staff is made up entirely of full time employees, with no outside per diem consultants. We do have a per diem affiliation with one Company that maintains inventory test counters in most if not all of the 50 states. This affiliation enables us to have inventory test counts performed at daily rates all while keeping the travel costs to a minimum.

Our Director of Operations (“DO”) is solely dedicated to the scheduling and logistical planning related to projects and field examinations requested by our clients. With the use of our proprietary software, the DO schedules the exam and provides all of the related documentation to the Examiner effectively and efficiently. This allows for the client to interact with only one person at R&F before the examination begins and allows the examiner to focus on the examination and be free of administrative and scheduling duties. Once the field exam begins, the examiner will be in contact with the client to discuss the issues regarding the examination.

Our management team includes the firm’s five partners which have a great depth of experience and knowledge in lender services. In addition, each partner comes from a variety of  backgrounds and industries, including Asset-Based Lending, Financial Control, Banking, Operations Management, Finance, Auditing, Underwriting and Public Accounting.

R&F maintains an information security policy to safeguard against unauthorized data access. Additionally, we have developed Security Incident Management Policies in the event of a data breach. R&F has received a satisfactory rating or better from six major banks regarding “Information Technology Security Assessments”. In addition, each examiner is equipped with the latest, high performing technology to complete their assignments.

Lastly, in addition to our standard field examination services, R&F provides many other lender services and specializations.  We analyze lines of credit that range from start-ups to investment grade borrowers across a wide range of industries. Some of our specializations include technology, commodity & energy, energy service companies (ESCo) and monthly recurring revenue (MRR).